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Cape Parrot Newsletter – Number 1

21 November, 2006 | Uncategorized | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

by: Tiawanna (Tee) Taylor – Well here it is, my first Cape Parrot Newsletter! It has been really great to hear from people both in South Africa, and internationally, who are interested in the Cape Parrot. I hope that this newsletter will over time manage to cover a wide range of issues that may interest to you. Thanks to all the people who have submitted something for this newsletter. My intention is to keep the newsletter open to all potential articles and try to cover all interests relating to the Cape Parrot. Be that projects undertaken by groups to projects run by individuals or organisations who’s impacts on the CP, to observations or comments about wild Capes in the field (or pinching your Pecan nuts) to captive breeding issues etc. As I tend to be stuck in an office all day I’m relying on you guys to supply the information, articles and some photos to brighten the pages!

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