Save the Cape

The Cape Parrot from southern Africa is an endagered species and is now one of the world’s most endangered parrots. Some very enthusiastic people at the Research Centre for African Parrots are working to aid the Cape Parrots conservation and survival.

The Cape Parrot is faced with several threats. First, the large forest trees in which the parrots breed in holes are often cut because their wood is valuable, or because they are dead. This results in a shortage of nesting sites, not to mention destruction of eggs or chicks that might be in the trees when they are felled. Next, many Cape Parrots are illegally trapped for the cage bird market, which has been destructive of parrot populations all around the world. Also, they are shot by farmers for causing damage to crops, especially pecan nuts which are cultivated in the foraging ranges of the birds living in the eastern Cape. Finally, the birds are being subjected to another threat in the form of parrot beak and feather disease, which has caused the mortality of most of the birds in captivity. There is no vaccine to treat infected birds and even diagnosis is a complex biochemical procedure.

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Comment from Greg
Time January 18, 2012 at 5:50 am

Joined the cause and hope to recieve information on donating to this worthwhile endevour

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