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Thank you for visiting the Cape Parrot Registry. There is very little known about Cape Parrots and even less about Cape’s in captivity. We hope to change that by creating a database of birds and their owners. It is our hope that everyone with a Cape Parrot will add their information.

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View registered Cape Parrots here. There are well over 100 records here. See what people have to say about THEIR Cape Parrots. If you’ve submitted a bird sometime in the past please make a comment on your bird. Give us an update on any changes. If a lot has changed submit a new Registry form.

Gallery of Companion Capes Photos that have been submitted of companion Cape Parrots.

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Submit your Cape Parrot to the Registry here. Very few fields are required but please take the time to fill out the form as completely as possible. Don’t enter a “$” dollars sign in the for as it won’t format correctly. If you can’t read the Captcha image at the end keep clicking the “click here” link until something you can read appears.

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Comment from Sylvia
Time October 23, 2013 at 6:45 am

Hello Please can you help .I am looking for three Female Grey Headed Cape Parrots as I have Three lonely Males as I lost the Females also pairs. Thank you and regards Sylvia. Tel 01923 678552. UK.

Comment from Debra L Whittaker
Time February 22, 2015 at 4:24 am

I am getting my first Cape in May, looling forwad to the arrival of our new baby Cape.

Comment from jane clark
Time June 11, 2015 at 4:01 pm

I’ve just got a cape. So, so sweet, adorable baby. I didn’t realise they are so rare. I felt an immediate bond as the communication was so clear. Clearly saying, ‘I like you’. I love the cute little sounds she makes. She loves having her cheeks stroked and how quickly she works out what I’m saying to her. I’m 100% sure I’ve made the right choice. I hope to give her the best life possible and once she has settled in, her unlimited education will begin. She’s so adorable.

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