Cape Parrot Image Sam

Companion of: debbie and bruce

From (City, State, Country): kissimmee, florida

Age: 11 weeks

Birds Homepage:

Number of Capes You Have: 1

Pet or Breeder: Pet

Why did you chose a Cape Parrot?: read about them and saw one in a bird store

Sex: Female

Sub-species: Fuscicollis

Weight: 300 g at 11 weeks old

Amount of coloring & where: orange on head, chin area so far

Where Purchased: Ft. Myers, Fl

When Purchased: 2/12/2006

Age When Brought Home: 10 weeks old

Hand Fed: Yes

Shy or aggressive around strangers: so far he is a mush and loves everyone, but he/she is still a baby

Talking ability: mumbles alot when we hold him, talk to him, etc.

How would you rate noise: low

How would you rate activity level: active – even though 11 weeks old, is perching, climbing on table perch toy, etc.

How cuddly or affectionate: so far a cuddly baby

Size and type of cage: in a baby cage now, will transfer him in a few weeks

Wings Clipped: No Answer

Comments: So far so good. He loves to be held and gets so excited when we walk into the room. His temp cage is on the counter between our kitchen and family room. I cover his cage at night and on one side when I go to work.

Sam, Age 11 weeks, From kissimmee, florida

8 February, 2006 (22:58) | Cape Parrot Registry | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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