Cape Parrot Image Rachel

Companion of: Ruth Barish

From (City, State, Country): Virginia

Age: 3 months

Birds Homepage:

Number of Capes You Have: 1

Pet or Breeder: Pet

Why did you chose a Cape Parrot?: personality and talking ability

Sex: Female

Sub-species: Unknown/Mix

Amount of coloring & where: orange/red on head legs and shoulders

Where Purchased: JEAN pATTISON

When Purchased: August

Age When Brought Home: 10 WEEKS

Hand Fed: Unknown

Price Paid: 1600

Shy or aggressive around strangers: NEITHER very friendly and curious

Talking ability: excellent,but not yet really english!!

How would you rate noise: no problem

How would you rate activity level: high

Likes to bathe: yes

How cuddly or affectionate: very

Territorial: no

Size and type of cage: cockatoo size

Favorite toys and perches: small toys she can banb at and yell at

What is the regular diet: Harrisons pellets. seed mix and frsh veggies

Favorite Food: loves it all

Avian Vet or other Vet: just moved, have to establish new relationship

Wings Clipped: Yes Both

Any Health Problems or Accidents: no

Comments: Rachel is a wonderful and interesting addition to my family.She honors me by regurgitating on me every day!!!!

Rachel, Age 3 months, From Virginia

26 October, 2005 (22:41) | Cape Parrot Registry | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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