Cape Parrot Image Ivan

Companion of: Victor and Heloisa Georgiev

From (City, State, Country): Orlando, FL USA

Age: 9 months

Birds Homepage:

Number of Capes You Have: 1

Pet or Breeder: Pet

Why did you chose a Cape Parrot?: Its reputation of a gentle, intelligent, and well dispositioned bird

Sex: Male

Sub-species: Unknown/Mix

Weight: 315 grams

Amount of coloring & where: lost it’s orange on it’s head, some orange at edge of wing

Where Purchased: Jean the African Queen

When Purchased: Summer 2004

Age When Brought Home: 12 weeks

Hand Fed: Yes

Shy or aggressive around strangers: Is just now coming into his own. Was shy and did not want to be handled, but from about 6 month of age, he has changed. Now I am able to play with him, hold him, pet him, and he wants to hang out with me. He is jus now, at about 9 months of age accepting my wife.

Talking ability: He is mubling a great deal, makes really weird noises, and I think I have heard him say his name and ” I love you”, but I have not been able to confirm this yet.

How would you rate noise: generally very quiet. Likes to “click”, and make various noises, as well as mumble in the a.m.

How would you rate activity level: becoming more and more active as he approaches 1 year of age. I would now say that he is very active, however, he gets tired around 9pm.

Likes to bathe: not really. I give him showers weekly. He tolerates it. He has tried to bathe in his water dish but it does not work well. When I place a large dish for him, he ignores it, or just drinks from it

How cuddly or affectionate: as become very affectionate, allows petting and stroking, but does not llike to be unside down, and does not lay down to cuddle like my goffin and severe

Territorial: not very. he seems to be at the bottom of the pecking order, with the exception of the two lovebirds.

Size and type of cage: Kings Cage,

Favorite toys and perches: leather and beeds hanging toy, and foot toys.

What is the regular diet: roudybush pellets as a staple, a few boca (shelled nuts) in the a.m. (for breakfast) and golden feast Asian Medley (hot food cooked) at about 7 pm.

Favorite Food: breakfast, and peanut butter

Avian Vet or other Vet: I could not find an avian vet in Orlando

Wings Clipped: Yes Both

Any Health Problems or Accidents: none

Comments: Since Ivan was weaned, he did go from 335 to 310 grams.
I was concerned because he seemed not to be eating like he

Ivan, Age 9 months, From Orlando, FL USA

7 April, 2004 (18:38) | Cape Parrot Registry | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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