Cape Parrot Image Alice (companion to “Sparky”)

Companion of: David

From (City, State, Country): Wales UK

Age: 7 years

Birds Homepage:

Number of Capes You Have: 2

Pet or Breeder: Pet

Why did you chose a Cape Parrot?: Fell in love with them.

Sex: Female

Sub-species: Suahelicus

Age When Brought Home: 9 months

Hand Fed: No

Price Paid: 600 pounds

Shy or aggressive around strangers: Shy

Talking ability: Nil- not interested in teaching them.

How would you rate noise: Minimal

How would you rate activity level: High

Likes to bathe: In water dish

How cuddly or affectionate: n/a

Territorial: Yes

Size and type of cage: Suspended various

Favorite toys and perches: Nut shells, Sparkys tail!

What is the regular diet: Parrot Premium seed from “Double Dutch”

Favorite Food: Walnuts, Palm nuts

Wings Clipped: No

Comments: Sparky was given to me by the breeder as he has slightly deformed legs. Alice was bought from another breeder to keep him company, not neccessarily to breed. Alice is dominant as other female Capes I have had have been. They live outside in suspended aviaries apart from the coldest months.I had wild-caught suahelicus but parted with them- they were very nervous.I suspect they might be reasonably good mimics and make good pets.We buy a top quality seed mix, not much sunflower- they love Walnuts in shell and palm nuts (which we buy frozen).We also feed a wide range of fruit and vegetables.The person who bred “Alice” gave his birds brown bread and honey in a cube, one piece each daily .Noise is not a problem, (well we do have 5 pairs of Mealy Amazons so “noise” is relative!)

Alice (companion to “Sparky”), Age 7 years, From Wales UK

28 February, 2004 (18:27) | Cape Parrot Registry | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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