Max The Cape

June B.

Yes, they are a delight! My Cape, Max, who is 11 months old just lives to play. He thinks he’s a bat and hangs upside down from your hand, perch and the top of his cage. When on my hand he will hang upside down and I slide him along the smooth countertop on his back, twirling him around then pick him up with a yippee. He cheers along with me.

Then I give him raspberries on his belly, look at him quietly and he gives them right back to me. He loves to chew anything and everything. At first it was wood and now he just loves plastic. He has a small rawhide bone that he picks up and bangs on the counter then throws for us to pick up so he can start all over again.

When I come into the room he looks up and says ‘what are you doin?’ and I always answer him. I think he is saying much more but not clearly yet.

Any kind of fun interaction is OK with him. He is extremely curious and gets into alot of trouble if he is not supervised. He loves to climb onto my Grey’s cage and annoy him. Preening is the evening activity where he will sit still for hours to be scritched. He’ll move his head around so I can get the itchy parts sometimes even turning it totally upside down. How does he do that? He loves to be handled and doesn’t mind my touching all over. I kiss under his wings and tell him it’s soooo warm. He lies on his back in my lap (for not too long) but in general just loves being handled and the interaciton. Then at night, when he’s ready to go night-night he goes into his cage around 9PM, climbs onto his shelf perch which he prefers to sleep on and goes to sleep.

We live in the country and have a family of wild turkeys in the back yard who come up to the sliding glass window by Max’s cage and tap their beaks on the window to get his attention. I put him on the floor and he runs up to the window to tap back. They must think he is a baby turkey and are confused as to why he is in the house with us!

He makes the funniest noises, some cooing, some sounds of wonder or questioning, most of them unexplainable but cute.

He is a picky eater, mostly preferring fruit or freeze dried peas and corn. He eats papaya with his neck stretched up so the juice will roll down his throat. And he still loves his soaked pellets.

He is extremely clean, when he poops, he would rather use the empty food cup we leave in his cage. Probably since he likes to walk around the bottom of his cage and doesn’t want to get his feet dirty.

As for toys, he loves them all, plastic bottle tops, plastic toys, pens (w/o ink) anything new in his cage is fair game, hangs from it, chews it. He has a huge ball with holes in it that I put his toys in and he climbs in and yells at them since he likes to hear the echoes.

I find his personality and activity level to be very much like that of a Macaw. His nickname is Smiley because to look at his beak, it looks like he’s smiling.

There’s a whole lot of personality wrapped up in this small package. And he is a delight!


Max The Cape

21 October, 2002 (12:07) | Uncategorized | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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