Cape Parrot Image 1st Pair (Puffy & Honey ) 2nd pair ( Jack & Jill)

Companion of: Tommy Chang

From (City, State, Country): Toronto Ontarion Canada

Age: wild caught

Birds Homepage:

Number of Capes You Have: ( 4 ) Two pairs

Pet or Breeder: Breeder

Why did you chose a Cape Parrot?: I always wanted them, conservation

Sex: Unknown

Sub-species: Suahelicus

Weight: n/a

Amount of coloring & where: standard

Length (nose to butt): n/a

Where Purchased: Toronto Canada

When Purchased: June 2000

Age When Brought Home: n/a

Hand Fed: No

Price Paid: private

Shy or aggressive around strangers: shy

Talking ability: none shown as yet

How would you rate noise: very little

How would you rate activity level: little

Likes to bathe: little

How cuddly or affectionate: none

Territorial: no

Size and type of cage: 6x4x4

What is the regular diet: parrot mix,variety of fruits & Veggies

Favorite Food: Almond & peanuts

Avian Vet or other Vet: High Park Animal Hospital

Wings Clipped: Yes One

Any Health Problems or Accidents: none

1st Pair (Puffy & Honey ) 2nd pair ( Jack & Jill), Age wild caught, From Toronto Ontarion Canada

20 October, 2000 (11:39) | Cape Parrot Registry | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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