Cape Parrot Image Pebbles

Companion of: Tara Baker

From (City, State, Country): Fort Collins, CO

Age: 2 years

Birds Homepage:

Number of Capes You Have: 1

Pet or Breeder: Pet

Why did you chose a Cape Parrot?: Their perfection.

Sex: Female

Sub-species: Fuscicollis

Weight: 280g

Amount of coloring & where: shiny turquoise body, Orange on top of head adn coming in below eyes, orange socks and on wing bend, 1 orange feather on the back of each wing, orange and green in her brownish-grey neck feathers on close inspection

Where Purchased: Old World Aviaries

When Purchased: 4/98

Age When Brought Home: 5 mo.

Hand Fed: Yes

Price Paid: 1400

Shy or aggressive around strangers: She is only shy to the point of preferring her mom over others, but will go to others if she must, and tolerate most handling from them. She has never been aggressive to me or anyone else, and I can trust her completely, even with small children.

Talking ability: She is a good talker with a very interesting voice. She uses it very appropriately when she does speak and often when she is making noises. She plays peek-a-boo, laughs, rings and answers the phone, beeps the microwave, whistles songs, and many other noise imitations.

How would you rate noise: usually very quiet except the noises I love, although she has a unconsolable and very loud chirp that she gets after I leave her with the bird sitter (who she loves).

How would you rate activity level: Fairly active. If she is not sleeping or preening she is playing or exploring. She does hold still for cuddling, though.

Likes to bathe: She showers with me mostly where she is lightly sprayed with water. Occasionally, she wants the get head first in the direct shower and play and only she can say when enough is enough. She has also recently begun enjoying bowl bathing.

How cuddly or affectionate: She is very cuddly when she is in the mood, and supplies me with her affection such as nuzzles, kisses, and preening me.

Territorial: No. The only time she ever gets wild is when I am dishing out food.

Size and type of cage: Deluxe CA cage, 32″x23″ and outside food bowls.

Favorite toys and perches: She really likes the acrylic and plastic pieces that are small enough to eat with. she uses them like utensils. She is also a big wood chewer. Most toys are a big hit with her. I have almost had to take them from her before because she was choosing to play with toy instead of eat.

What is the regular diet: Harrisons with a small mix of other pellets and variety, nuts, a wide variety of vegies and grains, some fruit, my food.

Favorite Food: what I am eating, nuts, corn, pizza, warm mash…the usuals. What she doesn’t like is her food to be chilled, so anything staight from the fridge must be warmed to at least room temp, even if it’s a favorite.

Avian Vet or other Vet: Avian.

Wings Clipped: Yes Both

Any Health Problems or Accidents: he wouldn’t eat when she first came to live with me, but now she maintains a good weight on her own. No illnesses or accidents.

Comments: Capes must be the perfect parrot!!!1

Pebbles, Age 2 years, From Fort Collins, CO

28 September, 2000 (09:14) | Cape Parrot Registry | By: Craig (Thor's Dad)

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