South African Cape Parrots

©W.A. Horsfield - Used with permission
This is a group of South African Cape Parrots P.r. This is the nominate species of Cape Parrot, it is also the least common both in captivity and in the wild. As of this writing there are none in the U.S.

The South African Cape has a very different coloured head; greenish-brown to yellowish-brown flecked dark brown and dull green. Note that the bib is yellowish and not very pronounces. The upper mandible is slightly shorter than on the other types of Cape.

Length: 33 cm (13 inches)
Distribution: outermost southeast Africa from eastern Cape to Amatola mountains north to eastern highlands of Transvaal.

P.r. = Poicephalus robustus (formerly P.r.r. - Poicephalus robustus robustus)
P.f.s. = Poicephalus fuscicollis suahelicus (formerly P.r.s. - Poicephalus robustus suahelicus)
P.f.f. = Poicephalus fuscicollis fuscicollis (formerly P.r.f. - Poicephalus robustus fuscicollis)


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